Top 5 Investment Options

The experts suggest that you start making savings for your retirement as soon as you start working. However, the retirement fund is not the only available investment option that can offer you good returns. Most investors today are focused on getting the highest returns in the fastest way possible. However, high returns and high risks go hand in hand in Today’s world. Based on your portfolio, you can find different investment options in the market today. Generate returns in different assets at lowe-risks is also a great way of investing your money. Here are the top investment options available for investors today.

Direct equity

Investing in the stock market seems to like the best option for new investors when it is actually a volatile market and does not guarantee returns. Furthermore, learning about stocks can take time and the entry and exit time also matters a lot. However, equity has proved to be a good investment for long term investors.

Equity mutual funds


Equity mutual fundsEquity mutual funds provide different schemes to invest in equity stocks. Mutual funds are managed by agencies that build trust among investors to generate good returns. The equity schemes are categorized based on market capitalization, domestic and international markets, and the sectors available for investments.

Fixed deposits

Fixed depositsFixed deposits are a great way to make strict savings and get a guaranteed result in the end. Fixed deposit plans are offered by banks where the depositor makes savings in a bank account that adds a fraction of interest to the savings. The fixed deposits are only beneficial in long term savings, but they also do not possess any kind of risks in taking out the funds early. It works as a high-yield savings account.

Government bond funds

bond funds

Government bond funds are the mutual funds or ETFs offered by the government and its agencies. They are low-risk investments that can suit beginners while understanding their investment options in mutual funds. They are among the safest investments, but they still are subjected to market risks. Since the government agencies back these funds, the investors can leave the smart decision making on them and enjoy the benefits.

Short-term corporate bonds

corporate bondsCorporates raise money often using bonds where the bonds can contain a list of different corporations. The investors can invest in one single corporate bond to invest in multiple companies. These bonds are only short-term and can last from one to five years. They have lower risks compared to long-term bonds due to the short period. You can buy and sell these bonds every day but keep in mind that capital losses are always a possibility.

While investments can be a great method to build up your wealth over time, it can also provide a great learning experience for investors about the market. As you learn about each investment’s pros and cons, you will be able to manage your assets according to the changing market in the future to maintain your profits.